Seasons Change, Do We?

Oct, 08, 2018

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It always makes me sad when summer comes to an end. Of course I know at some point seasons transition and we have to adjust to what it brings. Summer is my favorite time of the year because: 1. It’s warm; I usually shop for summer items all year round. Don’t judge me but it brings me joy buying sun dresses in 30 degrees weather. Although Fall/Winter clothes are trendy, I do not enjoy having to wear layers of clothing. 2. The days feel longer and its not pitch dark outside by 5:30pm. 3. Brunch is so much better in the summer. There’s nothing like dining out on the deck of your favorite restaurant in NYC with your favorite people enjoying a mimosa or two. Warm weather brings out this sense of freedom where you can roam the streets like you’re in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.


With all of this said, I am grateful for the change of seasons as they’re similar to life; the flowers must die in order to blossom. We often become complacent in the season we are in and we do not want to enter into a different phase because of the fear of change. Change forces us to have experiences out of our comfort zone and it can be quite scary at first. The idea of the unexpected is challenging but also exciting. New seasons allow for growth and clearer perspectives. It may require leaving old baggage behind and picking up better habits, learning to say goodbye instead of hello, adapting to being independent instead of dependency, becoming an asset and not a liability and just  thriving in all aspects of your life. Every season is a lesson teaching us how to evolve into our better selves. 


Starting this blog is a new season for me,  I was fearful in the past of doing so because I did not know what I would be inviting into my space. I’m now in a place where I can honestly say I’m ready to take a leap of faith and join a new network. Hello new season, treat me nice! 


Jackie Ash 


I purchased this floral blouse and shorts set from H&M over the summer. The fabric is light and suitable for a day out in town or a trip to the beach. It also makes a perfect vacation ensemble, which is what I plan to use in the future. 

Summer 05.jpg

Jackie Ash

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