Everything is Coming up ROSÈ

Oct, 26, 2018


FUN FACT: I love all types of alcohol beverages.

I am no mixologist, but I can work some magic in a glass.

Other than knowing of the alcohol ROSÉ, I had no idea my city had created a vast experience all summer long to share the blissful adventure and knowledge for the various Rosé wines and tasting.

So of course when the group shared the idea, I merely obliged as I was curious to know more about the beloved Rosé Mansion. It’s one thing enjoying a good drink and another knowing how it came to be.

This past Friday, The Tri-Ladies took a trip to the Rosé Mansion located at 445 5th Avenue to embrace the experience it offered. My favorite room was the Grape Room, where I took a moment to envision what it was and what it is now while learning more about the making of Rosé. Such transformation speaks volume to the gradual progress of how things blossom with time.

My least favorite room was the gold chandelier because it was way too crowded and I did not get the opportunity to grasp the full concept.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, bonding with friends and others, enjoying the arts, the wines and becoming each other’s creative director to capture the best moments through one’s lens to reminisce.

Did you visit the Rosé Mansion this summer? If so, what were your favorite and least room? If not, share an exciting experience you had this summer. We’ll love to hear all about it.

October 22, 2018


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