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    Team Work Makes the Dream Work

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    Do you ever feel your dreams are sometimes bigger than you? When I reflect on what it is I wish to accomplish during my lifetime many factors come to mind. I think about the people I surround myself with. The questions I ask myself: Do the people around me wish the best for me? Are they inspiring me to become a better human being and am I doing the same for them? Can we build up one another to reach our full potential? Your answer should be YES and if you answered no, you now know a re-evaluation is required. Granted, your success can be achieved individually but keep in mind your surroundings can either influence or break you.

    The Tri-Angle came about through three women identifying their passions and having a desire to interact with others on a platform which aims to spread love, hope, friendship and so much more. Too often we see partners split up because their difference of opinions overshadows their ability to see there is power in numbers.  One day the mentality of not being able to collaborate with your peers will fizzle and become an outdated stereotype. I’m sure we’ve all heard women cannot work together, Black people never want to see their neighbors succeed or never show support. Never mind all of that. Go where you are celebrated and respected. Your hustle cannot be denied unless you allow it to be. As a team, we have an open door policy where we’ve agreed to be forthcoming with and respect one another’s time. Is it always perfect? NO. We just keep pushing and focus on the bigger picture.

    We live in an era where we are college educated, working professionals, entrepreneurs, beauty enthusiasts, fashion connoisseurs and so much more. No one is stopping us from knocking doors down and becoming our own bosses. There’s an avenue for everyone to succeed and break bread. If and when you hit roadblock, keep pushing. Just remember when you do climb the ladder to success, to also uplift your peers. In the words of The Carter’s, “what’s better than one billionaire? Two.” In our case, three!

    I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has taken time out of their day to continuously check out our site, read our content, follow us on social media, share positivity and encouragement. It does not go unnoticed and we truly appreciate you.

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