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    Move On & Don’t Look Back!

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    How do you know when to move on and let bygones remain in the past?

    You cannot move on in life and continue to torture yourself with the “what if’s” and “why not’s.” Dwelling in hurt, agony, bitterness and/or resentment will only stunt your own growth. In order to thrive or obtain the level of happiness you wish for, you have to be right within. How will you know happiness if you’re constantly buried in pain? Yes it’s hard, but move on.

    It may sound like a harsh reality but only you can control your emotions and thoughts. So the moment you give someone else that power, you also give them the key to your happiness. I don’t know about you but I learned long ago, in order to invite happiness into my life I must actually embody it. We’re human and certain things will definitely hurt us and have probably provoke the thought of committing the unimaginable. Raise your hand if you’ve been there. Once we get the frustration out, what have we accomplished? Self-gratification? Probably yes. Furthermore we may or may not address the pain which ends up lingering and affecting our actions moving forward. So what have we really accomplished then? Absolutely NOTHING.

    Life is stressing you out? It happens to the best of us but guess what? Our peace of mind is in our hands. Either you handle what is causing the stress or you stay miserable. Either way you will be the one to control what happens. 

    Release the negative energy which has overcome your life and is hindering you from being the best you. Once you release the load, you will feel much lighter and much satisfied. Life is short. Live every moment of it doing things which uplift you and don’t hold you down.

    xoxo, Jackie Ash

    Outfit Details:

    Coat- Zara

    Dress- Eva Mendes collection at New York & Company

    Bag- Tory Burch

    Shoes- ASOS

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