Traveling is my Hobby

Mar, 01, 2019

One of my favorite things to do is look up places to travel, whether it’s domestic or international. I have always kept an open invitation to friends and loved ones but for some reason a good number of my trips have been solo. I think its because I book the trip, let them know when, they confirm they wanna go but when it’s time to go something comes up. So I end up going anyway. I have had a blast each time and continue to when the opportunity presents itself.

The best thing about traveling for me is the experience; no one can ever take that away from you. I believe it starts with the people I meet, the things I see, hear and touch, the delicious dishes I eat and the drinks. Everything about the experience on the trip is so gratifying especially the lessons learned in the end.

So how do I plan my trips? Well I will tell you exactly how. This is the order in which I typically prepare for a successful trip.

  • Where to go? Once I answer that question, I begin to search for tickets. My favorite websites for affordable tickets are Kayak and Priceline. And when I say affordable, I mean tickets under $350.00 for roundtrip domestic and some international trips. Yes, international tickets too. These tickets exist, you just have to put your finessing skills to work.

  • Where to stay? I’ve been fortunate to have friends around the world or in the hospitality industry, so that is always a money saver when I stay with them or use their discounts. Otherwise, I lean to Airbnb.

  • What to do? Well, let’s just say you can never see everything there is to see at a place but one can try. I love beaches even though I’m not a swimmer so my adventure begins there and the rest is history.

Tell us how you prepare for your trip and share some of your fondest memories.


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