The Beauty of Motherhood

May, 11, 2020


As some of you may or may not know, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last June. My princess Menaye also known as Naa Koshie is now 10 months old and is as active as ever. The time has flown by so fast leaving me with just pictures and videos as memories of her being a tiny infant. These days, I am attending to her needs and chasing her around the house. It is by far my greatest joy watching Koshie grow each day. I took a pause on blogging to focus on my pregnancy journey and then raising another human. I know many fabulous influencers have documented and shared their experiences throughout their pregnancies and I always love reading their stories. Personally, I was just not in that space because I wanted to soak up every moment. Hopefully with the next child I will be able to share more.

My pregnancy with Koshie was amazing. When I say amazing I mean very minimal morning sickness which only consisted of slight nausea. I was expecting to be huddled over a toilet puking my guts out but luckily such was not the case. Thank God! I’ve witnessed other mama’s struggling through it and let’s just say it’s not easy. Other than that, my nine months of pregnancy were blissful minus some early hiccups I will discuss in the future.

Throughout this journey, I learned a lot about myself and my village. First, I learned to always follow my instincts because it will never steer me wrong. I anticipated going on maternity leave on June 21st, 2019 since I was due on the 29th. Yes, I am one of the psycho’s who worked throughout her pregnancy. By early June my body was giving me all of the signals indicating I needed to slow down and relax. With the on and off pressure on my pelvis, I decided to go on maternity leave on June 13th. On June 14th, my GYN discussed inducing me in the event Baby Koshie didn’t arrive on her due date. I reiterated my birth plan which included no epidural because I was very adamant on having a very natural birth with no medication. By the 17th I was over everything as I felt so exhausted on this day. My mom and aunt dragged me to Harlem to purchase some items and even one of the sales associates advised me to kick my feet up and relax. Let’s just say she was not too far off because the next morning the contractions kicked in. Next thing I knew I was at the Labor and delivery unit at Lennox Hill hospital enduring painful contractions. The whole natural birth with no medication went out of the window after being 7cm dilated for several hours. My nurse who was God sent told me I didn’t have anything to prove because I went much farther than she could have if she were in my shoes. I took that epidural and my beautiful baby arrived in the early morning of June 19th. I say all of this to remind you to never doubt yourself. I listened to my body and stopped working other wise I would have been at work, or even worse riding the MTA having contractions.

Secondly, my beautiful and solid village has held me down more than I could have ever imagine. I get mushy just thinking about it because my pregnancy had people I never expected gravitating towards me to offer support. It brings me so much joy and comfort knowing I have wonderful family and friends whom I can lean on for advice and encouragement. During this time I learned who has my back and I am forever grateful for all of the love shown to me and my family. Everything made sense and my priorities shifted once I saw Koshie’s pretty face. Motherhood caught me by complete surprise but it has been rewarding and filled with many teaching moments.

This year I celebrated Mother’s Day with Baby Koshie and all of the lovely mothers, mothers to be and future mama’s. I pray anyone wishing to have a child experiences this joy. Happy Mother’s Day to us! xo, Jackie

Photos by Bk Ahofe (@distinguishkofi)

Photos by Bk Ahofe (@distinguishkofi)

Jackie Ash

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    TheTri 2017

    May 14, 2020

    So beautiful! Motherhood looks good on you Jackie! – Bless

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