Blackout Tuesday!

Jun, 02, 2020

by cudjoe

Over the weekend, we watched on TV our people standing in solidarity peacefully protesting while some police continue to brutalize us. We have seen the news, we see the killings of black people, yes Black people killed repeatedly again for no reason while other “privileged” lives get spared.

Enough is enough. Stop killing us, stop lying on us, stop accusing us, stop silencing our voices. We contribute significantly to the US population and deserve equal treatment.

Black people are humans, Black people do the same work and are relevant. Black people are leaders, Black people have children and are raising them in this unmerciful world where they are oppressed and shot at before even investigating. We are tired of having to mention names like Ahmaud Arbery, Breana Taylor, George Floyd associated with murder.

We deserve peace, justice and, more importantly, to live a life worthy of telling our stories, but we cannot do so if we cannot breathe.

Is your place of employment discussing this? Are your non-Black friends supporting you or silent during these times?

Please share your stories with us!


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    T. H.

    June 7, 2020

    Well said!

    My co-workers were discussing/ expressing their concerns regarding the protesting/rioting while neglecting to mention the catalyst for this response. I reminded them of just that. But honestly I’m not going to spend my time educating willfully ignorant people about systematic racism/inequality. I will defend us if I hear them condemning my people but I can’t be moved to educate them especially when I feel so worn down myself, over what has been going on.

    I did however have a lengthy discussion with 2 of my non-black friends about recent events. Initially I felt uncomfortable bringing up the topic- I was worried about making them uncomfortable, ironically enough. I decided though that if this friendship was going to continue to be true, that I was going to discuss what was important to me and how I felt about their silence. I was prepared to leave both friendships behind if i didn’t feel a welcomed space for these discussions. Luckily I walked away from them feeling heard, but also realizing we still have work to do.

    T. H.

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