Oh, Hey Queen!

Jul, 13, 2020


While shooting for the blog, two beautiful Black women in a car stopped to compliment my look and gave me some much needed hype. When I say I love us for real, I truly mean it. There’s nothing like your fellow sister cheering you on and shining some positive light your way. To those two queens, thank you. 

Uplifting your neighbor is free. Let me repeat this again, uplifting your neighbor is free. As women, we are either our strongest allies or critics. Personally, I am all for female empowerment. You never know what battle someone is facing whether it be emotional, mentally, financially, etc. It is important to support one another during our highs and lows. Whatever the case may be spread some love and light. Everyone could use some props every now and then!

Outfit Details:

Suit from ASOS (The one pictured is currently sold out but is available in Green)

Bag from Kurt Keiger purchased at Nordstrom (The bag pictured is sold out but available in Black)

Shoes from Steve Madden purchased at Nordstrom  (The style pictured is sold out but the print is available in another style. The same style can also be found on the Steve Madden site)



Jackie Ash

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