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Our History

We came up with the Tri-Angle with the letter A capitalized because, our native Ghanaian names that follows the days of the week that is Friday and Sunday begins with the letter A that are (Afua and Akosuah). You will learn more about us as time goes on. This small detail here is the beginning of what we hope to introduce to the world, the becoming of the Tri-Angle.

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My name is Jackie Ash

We are a new and upcoming lifestyle blog that will be highlighting Fashion & Beauty, Travel, Design/Tech, Philanthropy and everything between. Growing up, I’ve always loved fashion with my mother and aunts serving as great sources of inspiration. If I had to define what my style is, I would simply say, a bit conservative and chic. I am a firm advocate of retail therapy…it’s good for the soul! Fashion was made to be fun and personal. I believe how you carry yourself is reflected in your clothing and it is ultimately your decision to wear what makes you happy. I am excited about sharing my journey through fashion with tips on how not to break the bank and also splurging on the must haves!




Cudjoe is my preferred name

I enjoy traveling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I find traveling relaxing, and I love the exposure to different cultures and the eclectic opportunities it offers. I also enjoy exercising and love hiking amazing trails. It is with such great delight to share my wonderful footprints with you and happy you can join us in embarking on this journey together.


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